Download Premium WordPress Themes and Plugins for free

Chances are that searching for the term “Download Premium WordPress Themes and Plugins for free” will land you on one of the websites we are going to list in this article. Despite how nice it sounds to get premium stuff for free, in the domain of WordPress this mite means lots of trouble if the source is not a legitimate one.

Download Premium WordPress themes and Plugins for free

What are the risks involved in downloading premium WordPress themes and plugins for free?

  1. Why will someone want to buy a WordPress premium theme or plugin to redistribute it for free? Definitely, the person is seeking to make money from you. Websites offering premium WordPress themes and plugins for free usually attract lots of visitors from whom they intern to distribute malicious advertisement codes and malicious advertisement links from which they gain commission.
  2. You can get your website hacked because the premium theme or plugin downloaded for free contains a backdoor script giving the person who uploaded it full access to your website.
  3. Your website can be infected with a virus causing your website to be blacklisted by major search engines such as Google. The process to clean your website is complicated and can cost you more than what you would’ve spent in buying the WordPress theme or plugin.
  4. Your client’s data can be compromised including credit card details easily. All the hacker has to do is introduce some lines of code into the said plugin or themes.
  5. It is illegal.

It is worth noting that most of the malicious codes inserted into the free premium WordPress theme or plugin cannot be detected by antivirus software.

Some of the websites I found proposing the download of premium WordPress theme and plugins are;

If you fall by any chance on the above websites please avoid downloading premium WordPress themes and plugins for free. Use the official website of the said theme or plugin. Moreover, there are thousands of free WordPress plugins and themes available including free page builders.

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