Best Free Web Hosting and Free Domain name Services for your WordPress Website

Free WordPress web hosting can come in handy when you are trying to test a website or just trying to understand how website hosting works. Together with Free domain registration, you can put your fully functional WordPress website online at absolutely no cost.

Note however that this post is not about how to host a website and link it to a domain name. To get your website online, you basically need to do the below steps

  • Create a web hosting account where you will host your website files. The host will provide you with nameservers example, and
  • Register a domain name at any registrar of your choice. The registrar’s platform should provide an option where you can fill in the nameservers you earlier obtained from your host.

Below is the list of the best free web hosting service for WordPress

Some of the above websites offer free subdomain as part of the free hosting but however if you like to register your own domain name for free use the website below.

FreeNom – Free domain name registration

Problems with Free Web Hosting

Free web hosting comes with some challenges, the reason why I won’t recommend such a service for real projects. It’s best for practice and testing. Due to its free nature, lots of users request the service as such degrading the server’s performance. Moreover, support is limited because the service is free. If you really cannot afford premium hosting before you can use such a service.

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